The “Awesome” Benefits of Pokémon Go

I don't understand all of the hype of Pokémon Go. I had a Pikachu stuffed toy and keychain that were given to me as gifts when I was younger, but that was about it. I [...]

LA vs NYC: Which is Better to Live In?

I know this blog focuses on Southern California and the LA area, but I have gotten the question asked by people in previous years wanting to know if they should move to LA and NYC. I [...]

Decorating a Studio Apartment

          One of my main goals this year was to become organized and decorate my 520-square-foot apartment. I have been at my location for 4 years now and why it took [...]

Why Watching “KUWTK” Helped Me Navigate Through LA

I thought this post would be appropriate since Season 12 of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" airs tonight. The Kardashians have a bad rep from most of the general public, but in my opinion, they [...]

Tribute to Prince

Prince is more than a legendary artist who left an impact in the music world. He is what defines Minnesota. When you think of Minnesota, you think of the cold and Prince. He once told Oprah [...]

Typical Day Shufflin’

Whether I'm at my full time job, working on a freelance project, volunteering, speaking at an event or spending time with friends and family, the most frequently asked question I get is this: Kateri, I [...]