Fairytale Montecito Cottage


I’m going to tell you guys a funny story that happened a couple years ago when I was contemplating moving out of my apartment complex in Ventura County, which is a little over an hour north of LA and where I currently live.

I saw this cottage in Montecito (in Santa Barbara County, about 1.5 hours north of LA) on a CraigsList ad and immediately fell in love with it. It looks just like a fairytale cottage out of a Grimms Fairytale book. At the time, I read the listing as $1,200 to rent.


I was so excited that I was telling my mom and friends all about it. I was stalking the realtor saying how bad I wanted to rent it. It wasn’t until one of my friends said um Kateri, it’s $1.2 million to buy, not $1,200 to rent!


That was my blonde moment and what’s worse was I called the realtor back and left her another message saying how I misread the listing. It’s so quaint though and 500 square feet. There is a gate that leads to the house, a fireplace, cute kitchen, a ladder to the bedroom…just charming.

I later learned that it was built by architect Frank Robinson in the 1940s as part of the Artist Colony area. After the Tea Fire swept through Montecito in 2008, many of the homes from the era were destroyed, except three. The “Blue Cottage Door” is one that remains.

I still have high hopes of owning it one day.


Photo Courtesy: Hooked on Houses, Resale Evangelista
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