My Two Personal Goals: Retirement and Traveling

In weeks past, I have gotten emails from a few readers asking me how I manage to travel all the time yet live in the Greater Los Angeles area (summed up) and if I'm in debt, broke, I spend too much, etc... etc...Basically, how am I making this work? Coincidentally, my friend Rosy asked me [...]

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Find Strength With Yoga, Pilates and Meditation

Yoga, pilates and meditation are a huge thing in SoCal, so I thought I'd ask my friend Payal, who is an expert and avid in those areas, about the benefits of each, the membership she uses and the advice she has to offer for those who want to start! What are the benefits of yoga? [...]

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Just Moved to SoCal Playlist

When I first moved to SoCal, I had my high moments but my low moments. There were some days where I wondered if I was going to go through my savings, have no money and go back to Minnesota broke. As I stated in previous posts, it took me 9 months to find a full [...]

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Know Your SoCal Lingo

When I first moved to SoCal, it took me about a good year to learn all of the different slang. I also had to retire some of my Midwestern terms, such as exchanging "pop" for "soda" and "semi truck" for "big rig." Before you make your venture out to SoCal, it's important to understand the [...]

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Confession: SoCal is My Addictive Drug

So I have a confession to make, 6 years later: Once I left Minnesota and moved the LA, the first 3 years of being here I loathed my hometown of Minneapolis. I felt like my friends and family were stuck and didn't know how move on. I was being exposed to such a different culture in [...]

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Bucket List: Attend an Awards Show

I thought since the MTV Video Music Awards are on tonight that this post would be appropriate! Something you definitely want to experience at least once while living in the LA area is to attend an awards show. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and quite the experience seeing a ton of A list [...]

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The “Awesome” Benefits of Pokémon Go

I don't understand all of the hype of Pokémon Go. I had a Pikachu stuffed toy and keychain that were given to me as gifts when I was younger, but that was about it. I never even watched the TV series. For the sake of seeing what all the chaos was about, I downloaded it [...]

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LA vs NYC: Which is Better to Live In?

I know this blog focuses on Southern California and the LA area, but I have gotten the question asked by people in previous years wanting to know if they should move to LA and NYC. I also gave my two cents to a Facebook friend who recently reached out asking for everyone's opinion. I decided it was [...]

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Decorating a Studio Apartment

          One of my main goals this year was to become organized and decorate my 520-square-foot apartment. I have been at my location for 4 years now and why it took me this long to redo it is beyond me. I blame my previous hectic schedule and not being able to [...]

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Why Watching “KUWTK” Helped Me Navigate Through LA

I thought this post would be appropriate since Season 12 of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" airs tonight. The Kardashians have a bad rep from most of the general public, but in my opinion, they must be doing something right if they're still this successful! I don't think they have any talent whatsoever, but they [...]

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