Giving Thanks, Giving Back

I cannot believe Thanksgiving week is already here! Where has the time gone? :) I usually spend Thanksgiving with friends, I don't go home to visit with my parents. Christmas is usually the more dominant holiday in my family. The first year I was in the LA area , I started feeling a bit overwhelmed [...]

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Take Care: Finding Spirituality and Inner Peace

The media/entertainment industry can cause you to get burnout easily if you don’t take care of yourself properly. In college, I remember attending a journalism class where the professor told us that journalists don’t always take care of themselves (i.e. sleeping, eating) and that most people who want a career in journalism will never have [...]

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Give Back in a Big Way, Volunteer!

If you just moved to the LA area and can't find that one job or internship you really want, or maybe you are just tired of rejection, the best way to gain new skills and network with others that have similar interests is by volunteering. No one wants to turn down someone who wants to [...]

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