Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank was having a SoCal resident discount of $49 (originally $62/adult) to tour their studios, so I decided to go last minute over the weekend! You must purchase your ticket online prior and select an available time/date for the tour. This was my second studio tour that I have attended in [...]

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LA vs NYC: Which is Better to Live In?

I know this blog focuses on Southern California and the LA area, but I have gotten the question asked by people in previous years wanting to know if they should move to LA and NYC. I also gave my two cents to a Facebook friend who recently reached out asking for everyone's opinion. I decided it was [...]

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Fun and Extra Cash: TV/Film Extra and Promo Modeling

If you need some extra cash, I have two fun and fast ways to achieve this. It's also a great way to take in the whole experience of Hollywood and LA and a bonus if you are looking to break into the media/entertainment industry. Both are slightly competitive but worth the effort. Promotional modeling. I [...]

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