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The Industry

BlogHer 2016 Conference in LA!

Hi guys! I am currently at the SheKnows Media BlogHer16 Conference in Downtown LA and blogging live!  I got my business cards handy, my cute outfit on and my laptop ready! I am attending the [...]

Want to Work in Public Relations? Consider These Factors

Working in the newspaper and TV news industry is a complete 180 from public relations (PR) - it's like a mirror image where you see the other side from the clients perspective and not a [...]

Keep Enhancing Your Education

I believe it's incredibly important to keep enhancing your education and be one step ahead of the game! Not only does this make you more marketable, but well-rounded in your field of expertise. I have [...]

Want to Work in TV News? Consider These Factors

Having a career in TV news seems all glitz and glam, but what people don't realize is that it is a business. It's more than just living your dreams. There are people in newsrooms all [...]

Check It Out: Media and Entertainment Job Sites

Starting your job search in SoCal can be a bit overwhelming and practically everything is done online these days. I cannot express how many "DO NOT CALL" warnings I have seen on employer websites! These are a [...]

Fun and Extra Cash: TV/Film Extra and Promo Modeling

If you need some extra cash, I have two fun and fast ways to achieve this. It's also a great way to take in the whole experience of Hollywood and LA and a bonus if [...]