Can you believe August is here already? That means it’s time to start shopping for fall clothes!

I am actually more of a fall/winter color girl based on my fair skin tone, eye color and dark hair, plus I enjoy colder weather a bit more than hot, summer weather in SoCal! In SoCal, the lowest temperature I have ever seen is 45 (trust me, it can get chilly here!). Snuggly sweaters, light coats and over-the-knee boots or Ugg boots are more for me.

I reviewed some of the trends from the fall 2017 fashion week and here are the ones I love and loathe this season:

Trends I love:

Hot Reds

Red means sexy, confident and owning it. Why not stop traffic in this fierce color?

70s Plaid

I love plaid because it is a staple fall print. I’ll never get sick of it until the day I die.

Pale Pinks

These shades of pinks are a go to color for me, it looks great on my skin tone and with my dark hair!


I like sheer clothing for going out on the town with the girls. There’s something about a see through fabric that makes it sexy and mysterious for all to admire.


This is another fabric I will never get sick of. Its got such a smooth texture and I love how it shines under the light. I love wearing this on a nice night out to an event or fancy restaurant.

Victorian Collars

I owned a couple of Victorian collar tops years ago. I love them because it gives off a feminine look and I love the cut.

Trends I loathe:

Russian Doll

Uh, I have no desire to look like a Matryoshka doll, or as my grandmother would call them, Babushkas!


Maybe for the spring time, but for fall? Eh. These colors and florals remind me of a couch, it’s just too gloomy for me!

Glitter Boots

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these, not even on a fun night out! Okay, maybe one occasion…New Year’s Eve? After that, it would just be a one hit wonder that would go to Salvation Army.

Western Wear

Ride em girl! Uh uh. The only western gear you’ll see me in is cowboy boots occasionally, not clothing!

Retro Hats

UH, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these down the street! It’ll kill the outfit overall in my opinion.


Look, I’m not against fur. I think it looks glamorous on some people. For me? It’s too big and bulky. Plus I live in SoCal, how often would I need a Chinchilla to keep me warm? Hardly ever.

What are your favorite trends this season? Write me by contacting me here! 🙂

Photo credit: Glamour, Elle