5 Things A Man Constantly Needs

In the continuation of my "Kanye West rant" on dating, I am actually going to stand in the man's corner for a second, look at all of the females and say this: Is your man happy in your relationship? Are you really treating your man right? Are you really self aware of it? If there are [...]

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Want to Feel Better About Dating in SoCal? Read the LA Times’ Affairs Column

In recent months I have gotten some emails from readers wanting me to give them advice about dating in SoCal. After all, it is one of my categories on my blog!  Most of these women have been between the ages of 28 - 39. I've been dodging it, but I think it's time to speak. [...]

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Dear Future Partner: 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Dear Future Partner, Not too long ago, the New York Times published an article that talks about the 13 questions a person should ask their partner before they get married. It was interesting and a bit eye opening to say the least. I am currently single and enjoying my life with positivity and hope that you might [...]

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My Relationship Theories at 35

The other day my girlfriends and I were chatting about our dating theories. We do this a lot, it's like an episode of "Sex and the City" chatting over cocktails. I definitely think I have Carrie's independence (and I'm a writer coincidentally), I'm feisty and outspoken like Miranda and I have Samantha's bluntness. Charlotte? Uh...I'm [...]

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