Dry Shampoo Reviews

I became a huge fan of dry shampoo a year ago and have been using Amika's Perk Up Dry Shampoo. I was running low, so just as I was about to purchase more from Sephora online, I saw that they were offering a Extend Your Style Dry Shampoo Collection. It cost $32 for 5 mini dry [...]

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Body Products I Love

Nothing says soft, smooth, hydrated and clean than a good body product. I have experimented with many lotions and body washes over the years and have found my favorites. Hopefully you already use these and enjoy them just as much as I do or might want to try them out! Here are my body products [...]

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Favorite Products: My Skin Cleansing, Makeup Applying and Removing Routine

Awhile back I talked about how I would blog about my makeup and skincare regiment that I do, so the time has come for all of my secrets to be revealed! I usually don't wear makeup during my work week because I feel like my skin needs a break from it. I usually just apply [...]

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Favorite Products: OPI Nail Polish

I adore OPI Nail Polish! I've been using it since I was a teen and it's seriously the best on the market. The colors are vibrant, sexy and can last me about 3 - 4 days. I get a ton of compliments! I had acrylics on for 12 years and last fall I decided to [...]

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What I’ve Had Done: Laser Hair Removal

I've lived in the Greater Los Angeles area for 6 years now and transients and friends have always asked me if I have had any "work" done on myself since moving here. I don't believe in fillers like botox or going under the knife, but I swear by laser treatments. I first learned about them [...]

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Lip Perfection

If you live in California and have experienced dry, flaky lips, I feel you, my lips have been this way over the past two years. This is mainly due to the fact that we live in a climate that lacks humidity and the overall dryness from the California drought. If I go home to Florida to visit my [...]

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Keep Your Hair Healthy: Coloring and Keratin

We all deserve to splurge on ourselves. For me, it actually isn't clothes...or shoes....or bags. The #1 thing I spend the most money on a year is my hair. You shouldn't just care about the look of your hair, but the health of it as well. Where do I begin...for starters I have dry, frizzy, [...]

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