Hi everybody! I am so happy you came to visit!

About 5 1/2 years ago at age 30, I made the journey from my hometown of Minneapolis, MN to the Los Angeles area. I moved here for many personal and professional reasons, all of which I will discuss as time goes on.

I wanted to create this blog because I haven’t seen many blogs that offer tips about moving from a small town or another city to a bigger city such as Los Angeles. There are many things I had to learn the hard way (sometimes easy way!) that I would like to share to make your transition a bit smoother if you just moved to the Southern California area. They say the first two years are the hardest but I promise you with focus and determination, you got this!

I am going to share tips about dating, being financially prepared and responsible, discussing the SoCal lifestyle, staying fit, health, beauty and fashion tips, and discuss some fun aspects such as traveling and how I still fantasize about things I wish I had in SoCal. For those of you who work in media and entertainment like I do, I am going to share some tips that have helped me get ahead in my career and things I’ve learned along the way.

I’d also love to hear from YOU about your experiences living in SoCal so that we can exchange information! Visit my contact page to get in touch with me!

This is my continuing journey living in Southern California and believe me, I have a lot on my plate that I shuffle daily!


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