Know Your SoCal Cities and Explore

I have a question for born and raised Southern California residents that I just cannot figure out since I came here 7 years ago: Why don't you know where cities are in the region? I'm not saying you are all like this, but I feel like a majority of the people I talk to don't [...]

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Hot Spot: Agave Maria’s

My parents came into town from Florida during Easter Weekend, so on Saturday I decided to take them to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Ventura County: Agave Maria's in Ojai. According to their website, Agave Maria’s was established in the early 60s in downtown Ojai and renovated in 2010 under new owners. I love the establishment because [...]

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The Never Ending SoCal Jury Summons

I was recently summoned for jury duty. Again. This is my 4th year I have received a summons since I registered in the state in 2012. Yup, I am one of the lucky ones. After a 1 year period from the date you are summoned, you can possibly get called again. However, I have never served on [...]

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