California Strawberry Festival Giveaway!

I am excited to be doing a giveaway with one of my favorite festivals of the year, the California Strawberry Festival! California is known for having the sweetest strawberries in the world and they are grown right here in Oxnard. I can never get enough of these juicy berries and the dishes that are served. [...]

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Hot Spot: Lure Fish House

When my parents were in town a couple weeks ago, I wanted (ok, needed) to take them to Lure Fish House in Ventura for dinner. I absolutely adore coming here for their drinks and fresh seafood. The place is always packed, no matter what hour it is. It's that popular and the staff is always [...]

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Know Your SoCal Cities and Explore

I have a question for born and raised Southern California residents that I just cannot figure out since I came here 7 years ago: Why don't you know where cities are in the region? I'm not saying you are all like this, but I feel like a majority of the people I talk to don't [...]

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Hot Spot: Agave Maria’s

My parents came into town from Florida during Easter Weekend, so on Saturday I decided to take them to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Ventura County: Agave Maria's in Ojai. According to their website, Agave Maria’s was established in the early 60s in downtown Ojai and renovated in 2010 under new owners. I love the establishment because [...]

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The Never Ending SoCal Jury Summons

I was recently summoned for jury duty. Again. This is my 4th year I have received a summons since I registered in the state in 2012. Yup, I am one of the lucky ones. After a 1 year period from the date you are summoned, you can possibly get called again. However, I have never served on [...]

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