Traffic Tips For Getting Around LA

I used to work for a traffic information provider company in Minneapolis for a couple years and later transferred the job to LA. My job required me to input data from our traffic sources (i.e. police, fire, highway patrol and emergency scanners, traffic software data, cameras, radio stations, traffic congestion flow maps) and enter it [...]

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Want to Work in TV News? Consider These Factors

Having a career in TV news seems all glitz and glam, but what people don't realize is that it is a business. It's more than just living your dreams. There are people in newsrooms all around the world working 24/7 to make sure that you get your news delivered in a reasonable time. If you [...]

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Check It Out: Media and Entertainment Job Sites

Starting your job search in SoCal can be a bit overwhelming and practically everything is done online these days. I cannot express how many "DO NOT CALL" warnings I have seen on employer websites! These are a great list of websites for anyone that currently works or wants to work in media/entertainment: Ebyline. If you're a news [...]

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The Havaiana Sandal

I love, love, love me a pair of Havaiana sandals! Havaiana's are a Brazilian brand that originated in 1962. They are an absolute must in SoCal, great and cute for going to the beach, poolside or shopping around town! They are so comfortable and convenient, you can even make your own! Right now I own three of [...]

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Typical Day Shufflin’

Whether I'm at my full time job, working on a freelance project, volunteering, speaking at an event or spending time with friends and family, the most frequently asked question I get is this: Kateri, I don't know how you do it! How do you juggle everything in your life? Let me start off by saying [...]

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Give Back in a Big Way, Volunteer!

If you just moved to the LA area and can't find that one job or internship you really want, or maybe you are just tired of rejection, the best way to gain new skills and network with others that have similar interests is by volunteering. No one wants to turn down someone who wants to [...]

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