Weekend Getaway to San Diego

I love visiting San Diego when I can. I try and come down about once a year and visit a few of my friends. It's just a great place to relax and have a nice time. The one thing I adore about the area is the food and drinks, it is absolutely divine and I love [...]

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My Favorite Beaches From Santa Barbara to San Diego

There is nothing like spending the afternoon or evening at a Southern California beach: the smell and breeze of the air, the climate, the laughter and energy of the people, dog's splashing in the water, the beach activities, daisy dukes bikini's on top, guys in swim trunks - what's not to love? I have had [...]

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Traffic Tips For Getting Around LA

I used to work for a traffic information provider company in Minneapolis for a couple years and later transferred the job to LA. My job required me to input data from our traffic sources (i.e. police, fire, highway patrol and emergency scanners, traffic software data, cameras, radio stations, traffic congestion flow maps) and enter it [...]

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