I read in the local newspaper I write for, VC Reporter, that The Ojai Raptor Center was hosting their annual Spring Open House to view the raptors and learn about how they have been healing since the Thomas Fire.

According to the Raptor Center website, every year the center takes in 500 – 1,000 sick, injured or orphaned birds (including many non-raptor birds and a small percentage of mammals) with the hopes of rehabilitating them and releasing them back to the wild. Their busiest time of year is nesting season, when the center becomes inundated with orphaned birds that need our help to grow, learn to fly, feed themselves and socialize before their release.

The center is located on a 4 acre campus and is comprised of a medical room and hospital as well as outdoor flights, aviaries and mews. The center also features the largest flight in California.

I saw so many amazing hawks, owls, turkey vultures and other raptors as handlers explained each one. I think the Turkey Vulture was my favorite because he looked mysterious yet calm. I swear he has a hidden agenda. 🙂

There were also informational bulletin boards about the raptors, stage presentations and activities for the kids.

On the way out I stopped and had someone take my picture with painted bird wings on a board. I also finally saw a California Poppy walking to my car.

The next open house at the center will be in the fall. 🙂 Make your way up then!