SoCal fashion tends to be very beachy, relaxed and trendy. I actually started learning more about SoCal designers when I was a fashion columnist for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. I would profile different owners and their boutiques while getting educated on the different fashion brands.

I also used to be a model back in Minneapolis and I have a lot of respect for more independent labels than say the big, high end brands. It’s very dear to my heart.

Here are some of my favorite SoCal fashion labels:



XCVI is a Boho fashion line and very comfortable. I tend to buy their cover-up’s because they are stylish, long and can be worn over almost any tank or t-shirt.


Crown Jewel.


Crown Jewel has the most comfortable and softest tanks and shirts I have ever felt in my life. I usually wear them when I’m lounging or running a quick errand around town.


Wildfox Couture.


I like Wildfox because it has contemporary casual, loose fitting sweatshirts and t-shirts that are perfect for lounging, going to the beach or for a long road trip.



If you’ve seen my Instagram page, you’ve seen me wear this dress a few times! Sky has a large variety of maxi dresses that are comfortable and very trendy. The fabric is also super soft and it feels great against your skin!



Monrow is known for their comfortable t-shirts. I love my gray one and pairing it with a pair of destroyed jeans and either heels or flats, it works great for a casual night out!

BLQ Basiq.


I turn to BLQ when I need a casual yet stylish dress for work or an outing. I love pairing the dresses with a nice set of pumps!

Naked Wardrobe.


I love Naked Wardrobe because their dresses and skirts are very slim fitting and sexy. I love the way they accentuate my body!




I love Seychelle’s chunky heels, sandals and flats, perfect for walking around the town, the beach or a night out!

You can also find these labels at some of my favorite online and in store boutiques:

Have fun shopping! Trust me, you will get heads turning! 🙂 Also, let me know what some of your favorite SoCal brands are so that I can check them out if I haven’t already!


Photo Credit: DASH Boutique, Jamilyn Clothes, Sky, Travel Fashion Girl, XCVI, Seychelles