Idrynessf you live in California and have experienced dry, flaky lips, I feel you, my lips have been this way over the past two years. This is mainly due to the fact that we live in a climate that lacks humidity and the overall dryness from the California drought. If I go home to Florida to visit my parents where there is a ton of humidity, my lips clear up right away.

aquaphorI find that my lips get very dry overnight, so I apply a lot of Aquaphor Lip Repair, which helps cracked lips and seals in moisture. I swear, I feel like Wanda from In Living Color applying it like crazy!

Every morning when I wake up I apply Bliss’ Fabulips Sugar Scrub. I absolutely swear by this scrub. It contains granulated sweet sugar, almond and walnut shell, a vanilla/orange-flavored formula, jojoba seeds, olive oil, shea and cocoa butters and vitamins A, C and E.

1932348_fpx.tifI use it jointly with the Pout-O-Matic, which is a battery operated exfoliator that has a small polishing head to fit your lips and moves in a circular motion. I apply a thin layer of the scrub on my upper and lower lips, then turn on the Pout-O-Matic and gently go back and forth on both lips. The whole process takes about 30 – 45 seconds for me. My lips have never felt smoother and looked more natural because of this product (and kissable if I’m seeing someone). I then wipe off any excess product and I’m ready to go!

5340c9d8fce550ba8ab9977a6e99772eI don’t tend to wear lipstick during the work week but use a tinted lip balm instead. I adore Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, not only does it hydrate your lips for up to 8 hours but I also look like I’m wearing a shade of lipstick! I tend to have to apply a few times a day. If I do go out on the town and wear lipstick, I’ll put on a thin layer of the lip balm underneath just to lock in the moisture.



Photo Credit: Macy’s, Pinterest, Aquaphor US, Beauty By Earth, The Fustons