Don’t Forget: California DMV Checklist

When it came time to register my out-of-state vehicle and get my new California driver's license, I was beyond prepared. I had to go through the California DMV website a few times to make sure I wasn't missing any steps and boy, I am glad I reviewed it a few times! The California DMV in [...]

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Know Your SoCal Lingo

When I first moved to SoCal, it took me about a good year to learn all of the different slang. I also had to retire some of my Midwestern terms, such as exchanging "pop" for "soda" and "semi truck" for "big rig." Before you make your venture out to SoCal, it's important to understand the [...]

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The Never Ending SoCal Jury Summons

I was recently summoned for jury duty. Again. This is my 4th year I have received a summons since I registered in the state in 2012. Yup, I am one of the lucky ones. After a 1 year period from the date you are summoned, you can possibly get called again. However, I have never served on [...]

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Traffic Tips For Getting Around LA

I used to work for a traffic information provider company in Minneapolis for a couple years and later transferred the job to LA. My job required me to input data from our traffic sources (i.e. police, fire, highway patrol and emergency scanners, traffic software data, cameras, radio stations, traffic congestion flow maps) and enter it [...]

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Resources for Finding an Apartment in LA

Okay: you just moved to LA to live to California Dream but now you are faced with one tricky dilemma: finding the perfect, safe apartment at an affordable price. An article done by Southern California Public Radio states that the average Los Angeleno needs to make $33/hour just to afford a 1 bedroom. "An apartment is [...]

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Car Purchasing and Care in SoCal

Since today is Father's Day, I thought I would dedicate this entry to my father, Paul. Growing up, I watched my dad restore and judge Corvettes. It was his influence that made me a stickler about taking care of my car. He still asks me, "How's your chariot doing?" I always have people say to [...]

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Take Care: Finding Spirituality and Inner Peace

The media/entertainment industry can cause you to get burnout easily if you don’t take care of yourself properly. In college, I remember attending a journalism class where the professor told us that journalists don’t always take care of themselves (i.e. sleeping, eating) and that most people who want a career in journalism will never have [...]

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Why Watching “KUWTK” Helped Me Navigate Through LA

I thought this post would be appropriate since Season 12 of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" airs tonight. The Kardashians have a bad rep from most of the general public, but in my opinion, they must be doing something right if they're still this successful! I don't think they have any talent whatsoever, but they [...]

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Managing Your Finances

Managing your finances in a high end state like California can be a bit tricky. Sales tax is at 7.5% and its marginal income tax rate is at 13.3%, according to Smart Asset. Where I am from, Minnesota, the marginal tax rate is at 9.85%, the fourth highest in the nation. However, there is no [...]

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