2018 Fall Fashion Trends I Love and Loathe

I can't believe fall fashion is already here. I am still dealing with the humid, hot weather in SoCal that it's so hard to even think about cozy sweaters and knee high boots! After reviewing the looks for 2018, here are the trends I love and loathe for this season: Love Reds Oh, I am [...]

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2018 Spring Fashion Trends I Love and Loathe

Bunnies, flowers, exposed pedicures, no nylons underneath dresses. Yup, spring is just around the corner and it's time to start looking at the 2018 trends! Here are my favs and least favs: Trends I Love White Tank Top I am forever a fan of a white tank top with anything! You can doll it up [...]

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends I Love and Loathe

Can you believe August is here already? That means it's time to start shopping for fall clothes! I am actually more of a fall/winter color girl based on my fair skin tone, eye color and dark hair, plus I enjoy colder weather a bit more than hot, summer weather in SoCal! In SoCal, the lowest [...]

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Win a Gift Certificate to Revolve.com!

I thought I'd do a giveaway to one of my favorite online women's fashion retailers based in LA (and in my opinion, the best online retailer), Revolve.com! Revolve was started in 2003 by 2 gentlemen and has more than 600 employees. They have hundreds of the top designer brands from all over the world for [...]

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2017 Spring Trends I Love and Loathe

Time for another fashion season! I love springtime because I can wear brighter colors and pastels. It really brings out a lot of color in not just your look but your personality! After looking at the 2017 Fashion Week, here are my favorite spring trends that I love and loathe: Trends I love: Beach Stripes [...]

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Fall 2016 Fashion I Love

Ahhh...fall. My favorite season of the year: the crisp air, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a chance to throw on a cozy sweater...when it's not so hot out like it has been in SoCal the past few years of course! I love when it does eventually get cooler outside. Here are 10 fall trends I am [...]

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My Favorite SoCal Fashion Brands

SoCal fashion tends to be very beachy, relaxed and trendy. I actually started learning more about SoCal designers when I was a fashion columnist for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. I would profile different owners and their boutiques while getting educated on the different fashion brands. I also used to be a model back in Minneapolis and [...]

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90s Fashion is Back

WHATEVER! The 90s were definitely my favorite part of growing up. Dark lips, Hypercolor T-Shirts, Mood Rings, Friends, LL Cool J, Fresh Prince, Clueless - the list goes on. When the fashion started making a comeback, I was beyond excited. Here are 10 trends that are hella cool: Mini Backpacks. I remember I had a [...]

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Where To Find Tall Girl Jeans

I am 5'11" and I often have women close to or taller than my height ask me where I get my long, stylish jeans. I usually like my inseam no less than 36" and no more than 38". If they aren't a skinny jean, I kind of like them to "drag" a bit at the [...]

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The Havaiana Sandal

I love, love, love me a pair of Havaiana sandals! Havaiana's are a Brazilian brand that originated in 1962. They are an absolute must in SoCal, great and cute for going to the beach, poolside or shopping around town! They are so comfortable and convenient, you can even make your own! Right now I own three of [...]

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