About Kateri

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.. I grew up in a loving home with just my mom, dad and the dog. In the Midwest, you’re taught to work hard at everything and everyone in your life.

I first visited Los Angeles in 2008 and fell in love. I decided that I would one day become a Californian. In August 2010, one month after turning 30, I finally made the big move and I have been livin’ the dream ever since. It’s been a journey that I cherish daily. I have had the opportunity to live in the Los Angeles, Orange County and the Ventura County (current location) areas since living here, each having unique things to offer.

I am an award-winning journalist, I started my career when I was 9. I have a background in TV, radio, digital and print news, technical writing, public relations, social media, marketing, graphics and event planning and execution. I love my career and all of the creative aspects it has to offer. I can’t picture myself doing anything else. You can always check out my LinkedIn page to see what publications I have written for or to network!

When I’m not shufflin’ everything, in my spare time I like to write, volunteer, go wine/beer tasting, attend live concerts, try new restaurants, travel, shop (what girl doesn’t?!) and spend time with friends and family. I’m pretty simple!

14 Unique Things To Know About Me

1. I was a state champion in piano when I was 13-years-old.

2. I lettered in wrestling in high school – I was the videographer.

3. I make a mean Chocolate Chip Cookie.

4. My first published piece was when I was 7-years-old in a “Precious Moments” newsletter.

5. I didn’t really learn to cook until I was 35-years-old.

6. I love to drive. I feel so free when I do it.

7. I have a huge porcelain doll collection.

8. I love cottage cheese and applesauce. Trust me, it tastes good!

9. I love poodles.

10. I’ve been in a hot air balloon.

11. Wintertime is my favorite season in SoCal. I still like throwing on a cozy sweater!

12. My favorite concert I have ever been to would have to be Stevie Wonder. I have seen him 3 times!

13. Destinations outside of the SoCal area that I have traveled to include: Hawaii (Maui and Kauai), Washington State (Seattle), California Central Coast (Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Cruz), Northern California (Napa, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe), California Central Valley (Sacramento, Yosemite and Sequoia’s), all over Florida except the Keys, Georgia (Savannah), South Carolina (Charleston), Utah (Park City, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park), Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno and Hoover Dam), Arizona (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend), Wyoming (Devil’s Tower), North Dakota (Fargo and Devil’s Lake), South Dakota (Mount Rushmore and Sturgis), New York City, Ohio (Cleveland), Oregon (Portland and the Coast), Colorado (Denver), Ireland (Dublin and Cork), Scotland (Edinburgh and Highlands), Iceland, Canada (Ontario, Vancouver, Calgary and Banff), France (Paris), England (Liverpool and London) and Mexico (Cancun).

14. Places I really want to visit are Key West, Boston, Montpelier, Concord, Portland (Maine), Toronto, New Orleans, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Oahu and Hilo, Thailand, Dubai, Zurich, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Sydney, New Zealand, Santorini, Athens and all over Italy.