Bunnies, flowers, exposed pedicures, no nylons underneath dresses. Yup, spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start looking at the 2018 trends!

Here are my favs and least favs:

Trends I Love

White Tank Top

I am forever a fan of a white tank top with anything! You can doll it up with a long necklace and wear it with any kind of pant or skirt.


I love them, my favorite colors are pinks, purples and yellows. I love wearing them in the springtime, they are very feminine colors.

Pink and Red

I love these two colors together, it really pops out and adds a lot of dimension.


I really love ruche dresses or tops because it hugs your body, is comfortable, sexy and looks like a corset but isn’t too tight.

Black and White Polka Dots 

I love polka dots! They are such a classic print and and you can wear it for almost any occasion!

Puffed Shoulders

As long as the puff is sutle, I am all for it.

Trends I Loathe


It’s just to costume like for me and too puffy!

Rubber and Plastic

Unless it’s boots, it’s just not comfortable or flattering.

X-Girl Sunglasses

This would not look flattering on my face. I have no desire to look futuristic or like a character from The Matrix, thank you.

Straw Hat

Unless you are going to the beach? No, just no.


It’s just too much color going on. We are not dressed to be like Rainbow Brite, only she can get away with such a thing.

Exposed Lingerie

This is crazy, you can’t wear this in everyday life! The only place you can get away with wearing this look is at a club, that’s it.


I don’t love or hate this trend. Again, you can only get away with this if it’s a night on the town.

Here’s to spring, dress it up! 🙂 You can always find all these trends at my favorite online store, Revolve!

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine, W Magazine, BBC, Vogue, Glowsly, Belgium Fashionista